Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

     Eliot began Jiu-Jitsu in 2008 while he was teaching English and coaching Wrestling in Japan. His motivation to start: a hobby that  was healthy, fun, and active. Since he had heard Jiu-Jitsu was something he could do into his 60s and 70s and wanted to try it out. He was asked if he wanted to compete a few months after beginning and has made competition a regular part of his training.

     Eliot received his black belt in 2012,  from Marcos Torregrosa, YEMASO BJJ, after being ranked among the top 5 brown belts in world rankings. He is one of a handful to receive a black belt in 4.5 years.

     Eliot is the co-owner and head instructor of El Dorado Hills Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Also know as EDH BJJ, the school has a well rounded base of students actively competing and earning medals at the international level and students who enjoy casually practicing on a regular basis. Eliot emphasizes learning Jiu-Jitsu as a way to challenge yourself on the mat and apply the lessons from those challenges off the mat.

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